There I Spy

Russet the color of the hair of an awkward girl after she has been caught in the rain.
Peach the color of no peach I have ever seen or eaten.
Black the color of the toner on the hands of an incompetent office manager.
Royal blue the color of the sheets on the bed of the widow of a slain Latin American
Powder blue the color of the frostbite on the feet of a homeless junkie in Detroit.
Robin egg blue the color of the walls above the wainscoting in a Baroque hunting lodge.
Dull blue the color of the nether extremities of an excited boy denied sexual gratification.
Baby blue the color of the ribbon on a diaper cake bought off the Internet.
Yellow ochre the color of a baby's first stool.
Gray the color of a Czech security guard's coat and personality.
Slate gray the color of the pit of ashes at Treblinka.
Tangerine the color of the dress worn by the debutante in 1966 who was later rejected by
                her family.
White the color of the pillow stuffing on which prisoner DA042662 choked to death in
Cornflower blue the color of the Councilwoman's blazer in last year's Memorial Day
Carmine the color of the Merthiolate tingeing the knee of a tomboy in 1972.
Pink the color of calamine lotion on the arms of a gardener.
Scarlet the color of the cracks in the fuzzy skin of the tomato sauce left in the refrigerator
                for five months.
Brown the color of filth on the walls of a cell of a woman incarcerated at Armagh.
Pale pink the color of boiling tripe.
Yellow the color of wax beans or earwax.
Magenta the color of the robe of a very large bank teller.
Purple the color of synthetic huckleberry candy.
Burnt sienna the color of a leather jacket worn by an uninventive pimp.
Rose the color of a severe abrasion one week after the accident.
Pale yellow the color of the residue of pineapple cheesecake.

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