Ellen Bihler

is a Registered Nurse working in pediatric long term care.  Her poetry has appeared in Cream City Review, American Journal of Nursing, Square Lake, International Poetry Review, and elsewhere. She received an Honorable Mention for poetry in the New Millennium Writing contest (Winter’07-’08,) and is the author of the chapbooks, Late Summer Confessions (Pudding House,) and  An Avalanche of Blue Sky (Foothills.)  Ms. Bihler resides in Hackettstown, NJ, with her husband.

on the poems...

I was taking a class when I wrote Reprieve. It fulfilled an assignment ‘to write a looser poem than you normally do’.  It was also a metaphorical record of a tenuous good night in a nightmare season of family crisis.  I was thrilled to have the emotional reprieve out of nowhere, but also knew the nightmare was merely napping.  Both Haunted by the Ghost... and Pink Dress are reflections on childhood issues from an adult, semi-resolved perspective.  I can say, Oh, I’m done with all that childhood-issues nonsense, but my poems insist on revisiting them whenever they say so.  Why We Love Right Angles – well that’s a cynical one.  It’s about settling for the easy drug of money and technology as replacement for the more idealistic visions I once held.