The Blue Vase

the tyranny of seeing is correctly coded into “love
at first sight,” love here is “the perverse experience
of unreal truth”: love, first sight, enduring reincarnation
before one’s death: coming to life from life, by attraction
to the immediately impossible: the impossible bodied by
the undeniable aura of a fleshly fact
as in seeing Cézanne’s La Vase bleu, one color manifold
of all conceiveable blues, seen, as if discovering a sensation
only my eyes can discern, which is to feel first sight
as enduring sight, an aura in the picture beyond
the natural rinds of fiery peaches,
the practical greens, the inkwell,
the discernible earth tones of a tall bouquet:
these settled beliefs are not what eyes
are made to want: give me love: the couldn’t-be
embodied by the is: a vase painted an implausible
color, impossibly contained by a word called blue

Tim Keane => bluer