Danny P. Barbare

resides in Greenville SC. His poetry has recently appeared in Indigo Rising Magazine and Raven Images. He has been writing poetry off and on for 30 years. He has been published locally, nationally, and abroad.

I go on long walks almost daily and still do. I find great peace in doing this. It is just me and my dogs. That's where this poem came from. I walk about two miles a day and enjoy the outdoors. I usually write my best poems while walking. They are usually about nature and what is going on around me at the time. Looking inside myself as well as out. Winter and all seasons hold many little secrets. I find free verse to be my way of exploring internal and external world. I'm happiest when I think I have come to a conclusion of this in a poem. It helps connect me in way to society as I work as a custodian on night shift.