Wash My Mouth Out With Whatever You Like
by Christopher Crawford

Rolling another cigarette
I know my girl would kill me
if she knew
would think
I shouldn't be doing that
shouldn't place myself where the smoke's
too sweet and I'm forced
to buy a pack
shouldn't be out in the bars
watching what's going on
what's shaking
inside the wonderful world
of women's sweaters nor
crossing the road when the red
man's standing to attention shouldn't
be doing that at all
might get killed
by a bus or
more shamefully
a scooter or
shame yeah shame would
kill me before the scooter
way before lung cancer
before my girl gets round to
having had it up to here
gets round to stabbing me in
my sleep cutting off
my red man
telephoning emergency quite calmly
what am I
to speak about my girl
murdering me shouldn't
I shouldn't I shouldn't speak that way.

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NC 2011 New Year Edition