Living Twice

Like a young man's first
day in the city
where lords of words are known
to gather or to labor on
in famous solitude

this day, its hallucinatory elation:

the hour's slowing down,
and ultimate cessation.
Home food and sleep's obviation
(and all that money it takes to be poor).

Awakened from need.
The miraculous the norm.
The minute's slowing down
and ultimate cessation,
the great gold wheel . . .

This day, and not
because I have
become that young dreamer
and certifiable
idiot once more,
on the contrary.

I know now
for sure
it will never be over,
not matter what I do, it
would never be enough-

Without horror
and at any shining
moment let it end then:
the second's slowing down
and final cessation!

Eyes filled with the great gold wheel of God's
       eternal day.

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Franz Wright