The Poet

Mitch’s friend Bob felt sorry for him at the bar, even a little embarrassed for him when he spent $40 on a massage from a 20-year- old. It didn’t get any better when Bob questioned him. Mitch said it was the first time he was touched by a woman in over a year. So Bob did his best to project over the music and keep Mitch company while he bought waitresses in tight shorts $30 shots.

At last call Bob and Mitch went out into the cold and said goodbye as each turned to his own pickup truck. It was an unlucky night for Bob.

When Mitch pulled into his driveway the lights were on and his wife was waiting. He walked in, took off his shoes, and sat on the couch. Using just the right amount of pressure Susan rubbed his back, like she did every night for the last 20 years. She then made him some tea and handed him his pen. No one ever met Susan.

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Gene Myers