Hello. Hello. It’s me. Pick up…

Are you there…? All right. I just wanted to say that the
moon rounded itself, finished, while I was in a church
filled with Lutherans. I was filling my pew with my
“What?”and aboriginal cries of “Next!” when I felt, right
through the ceiling, a bowl-skull turn to itself through
mediations of light, and finish there, gorgeous, devoured of
change. The day took its last sex with it into the candle. I
saw this as most-minister ended his benediction, his hand
orbiting factual breath, my wife installed on the creatures
of a futureless “thou.” The night flows, the sacraments, the
sheep of our congregation beheld the oceans within them
fulminate in absolute attraction to a butchery that has
hounded them all their lives, while God’s tear (the shed
moon) was finally buttressed from under and above at one
and the same time differently, and now swells with perfect
address and annoyance. Yea, entirely, the moon moved a
further quarter inch into the dark, and the God who lives
on the other side, in its black town, chortled in my root.

( 3 Messages Left On My Answering Machine By Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel The Night The Berlin Wall Fell Regarding The Moon Becoming Full )
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