Sock Pleader

Mom please ...
Just one sock!
I want one with stripes!

I promise I won't rip it ...
Ok fine I can't promise that.
But I'll bring it back

It may be in pieces
Maybe you can still wear it
Ok maybe you can't
But please let me have a sock

There are all different kinds of socks ...
Soft socks, rough socks, tall socks,
Ankle socks, knee socks,
White socks, blue socks, purple socks,
Stripe socks, dot socks.

"Ugh! I can't find any socks!"
"Oh there's a pair!"

Come on mom ...
She got a sock
Why can't I have one sock?
She got 2 socks!

I just want one sock!
I just want a soft, silky sock!
Just because I'm sometimes as vicious as a dragon
Doesn't mean I shouldn't get a sock!

"Grumpy, No!"
Oh come on Mom!
I just want a sock!
How many times do I have to ask?

This isn't fair ...
I guess I'll try later, after my nap

by Amanda Beck
winner, Youth Division: 7th Grade and Older