Oooh! Aaah! Dog Guitar!

Lift me up like you did when I was small
Hold me, enfold me, don't let me fall
I'll lean on your bosom and I'll flash my teeth
If you pick with your fingers on my underneath
Oh, love me true and love me tender
Make me quiver like a furry Fender
Rock me and roll me, give me wings
Strum on my belly till my tight skin sings
Don't waste on air what you can play on me
The touch-me tango - ecstasy!

The It of Me

Oh, it love me. It say it love me.
Me make wanting and it perform, always.

It there, me sleeping.
Not long me waking up and out.
It boots first but not long, me needful.

Me doggish fossicking, it no patience sometimes.
Ow! Pull my neck!
I trick it then - sit and look why? Then it do sorry-oh,
Say sorry-sorry and do happyhands.

In big grass and high trees, me go noleash,
but not free, for it once-ago name me. Name bind strongleash.
Me far and it loudname. Me come thunder, grinning with teeth.
It give small eatable and happyhands.

Aaagh! Happyhands! Only on head outdoors, but in,
go everywhere, all the pits of my limbs and Oh,
feely, feely into my underneath. It sniff my feet.
It make love.

Me please it easily. A look, a lick,
rough buggeroff for sudden stranger,
make it do often food and happyhands.

by Ann Drysdale
runner up, Adult Division