Guinness the Cat

Guinness! Guinness!
That's what I'd say
That's what I'd say on a regular day
It seems my curious kitty has snuck out of the house
Trying so hard to catch one little mouse
This cute little kitty can never prevail
For the timid mouse saw her bright yellow tail
Soon the kitty will come back inside
And eventually find a new place she can hide
When Guinness gets hungry,
She will meow and she'll moan
Once I hear this I'll let out a groan
I search through the drawers for a can of fish
Finally I find food and drop it on her dish
When she's done with dinner, she snuggles up in bed
Usually I follow her and pet her tiny head
Although Guinness is loud, sneaky, even a little fat
Guinness will always be my loyal kitty cat!

by Lindsey Wright
winner, Youth Division: 6th Grade and Below