Early Morning in the Herb Garden

by Janice D. Soderling

Not in tidy rows, but riotous as thought,
these tender snares of foliage. Tendrils
curve and coil, refusing to let go. My
impatient trowel turns the drying humus.
Balm mint, basil, lavender and sage
exhale sweet-scented breath. Clear dew
pearls the crotches of young stems.
Rosemary for remembering.

            Another spring. Another
season gone. Good riddance. I dig deep.
Such purposeful activity disproves that
gloom-eyed ghosts come out to nightly
pace these paths of pimpernel, of timothy
and mint. Step with care round monkshood,
iris, henbane, foxglove, mandrake. There
the sweet-tongued viper waits to burst
his thrusting skin.

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