Russell Jaffe

lives in Iowa City and is one of the Editors of Strange Cage (, a handmade poetry chapbook press that also curates a reading series. His poems have appeared in Anomalous Press, The Colorado Review, DIAGRAM, La Petite Zine, and others. He collects 8-tracks.

Bride Wars

Picture Perfect

Sex and the City 2

"These were really important poems for me to write because I see them as poems of politically charged activism and they were big steps for me. I love to watch bad movies because I'm very interested in issues of human carnage in pop culture, and I think romantic comedies are nothing short of apocalyptic hellscapes in which values related to women and romance absolutely assault our collective consciousness. If we even have that kind of consciousness anymore. It's funny that the media has been picking up on the "war on women" lately because it's been happening forever and our Hollywood movies mostly exist, I think, to keep women in a pigeonholed place as lonely, shrill, desperate consumers lost in a sea of their emotions. And it's complete bullshit and super depressing, but it's in the movies and it's in our magazines and at the time I was discovering that it needed to be faced head on by poetry, and that I would try to write that poetry. "

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