Malvern Westcott

writes from western Montana where he looks forward to becoming a retired University Professor. His poetry has appeared on-line in the sadly defunct Shit Creek Review, and in a handful of print journals, most recently in MidAmerican Review.

Maria Callas Accompanied In The Antipodes

" I have no idea why Maria Callas popped up in this trip homeward through Oz, or why the narrator dwelled on her cello-like qualities, but neither did Dorothy expect anyone of her companions before she found him, nor his peculiarities. "

The Year In Penguins

" I’d been staring for too long at a collection of ’50 unexplained black & white photographs’ somewhere on the web when news of the demise of Cheetah reached me, Cheetah of the Johnny Weissmuller-Margaret O’Sullivan (God’s gifts to loincloth) Tarzan movies. It seemed impossible that Cheetah had lived so long, that there could have still been a living connection to those old films. The recursive incantation of those images was an attempt to find context for the event. "

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Poetry at the Movies