Occasionally Long-Lashed Heaven Overlooks

Some books you read cover to cover.
The eye sees upside down.
Because we cannot die, we invent illnesses.
She chose to persist in our last least misunderstanding.
Women lie differently to other women than they lie to men.
Can mesmerism keep from them the secrets of the sea,
Or bury urns in oceans?
Who hates the hand he holds once won a heart.
Meaning breathes.
"I don't listen to her messages on my answering
Machine any more than I reread her letters.
I would have preferred to fuck her in her
Clothes. In the kitchen, or on the bathroom
Tiles anyway. Though when screwing
Nude in bed I like mornings,
She chose close of day."
Theory stories, a style
That will not sell.
Magic in sugar and daggers.
She can't sleep with her head towards Spain.

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Geoffrey Cruickshank-Hagenbuckle