lives in Brooklyn and is coeditor of SOFT TARGETS. Recent work has appeared in Absent, Cannibal, Effing, H_NGM_N, MiPoesias, and elsewhere. His movie reviews and videos are available on his website, www.sinlechuga.com.



"Last Time I Was Here I Was Obstructed" is a 'true' 'story'.

I have no anecdotes to accompany "From the Neck Up".

"The White Man in the Sky" contains an appropriation of Pound's acknowledgement of Whitman after years of refusal: "Let there be commerce between us."

"The End of Synergy" is a take on "Rub-a-Dub-Dub". Except with corporate synergy trickling down into small business, in place of a tub. I was fascinated by the use of the word 'synergy' as a talismanic device in the movie "In Good Company", a paranoid post-9/11 elegy for binary thinking and patriarchal values under the guise of a staid mainstream rom-com starring Dennis Quaid, Topher Grace, and Scarlett Johansson (see http://www.sinlechuga.com/reviews/ingoodcompany.html ).

There's a poster in the laundromat by my house that lists advice on how to remove stains. I walked in one day and someone had scrawled "Burn clothes. Leave town" in black marker under the section on blood stains. I took a picture with my phone (see SOFT TARGETS v.1.1, p. 146). The next week I went back and someone had tried to remove the addendum advice by smearing it with a wet thumb. "I Like to Take It Easy" was written backwards. In the original version "Burn clothes. Leave town" was the advice at the end of the poem. The poem now has no advice.

Dan Hoy