Something New

Interestingly, I will never begin
a poem with this word again. Did you hear
about the woman who donated
black Barbies to dozens of homeless
shelters but she boiled and teased
the hair into Afros? It's New Year's Day
and may be the last one in history.
I read about her in the Frisky. I ate
a pot cookie in tiny pieces to be sure.
Cul de sac and renal sound great in poems.
Make me into an antennae
into a microphone. I'll buy stencilled
stationary to write earnest letters
to Katie Garbarino who had sturdy
thighs not like these sticks. Is anyone
frisky or frisbee in this world
or does that ruin everything? Friends
With Benefits is a descendent of Metropolis
Timberlake as man machine. Here come longer days!

by Emily Brandt

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